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SHIPSIDE, INCORPORATED was organized in 1958 for the following purposes:

- To engage in handling bulk materials, products and supplies capable of being efficiently and   expeditiously handled by any type of loading and unloading equipment or by other suitable means;

- To maintain and operate terminal facilities, terminal warehousing, terminal ways, terminal stations   and stores and terminal factory and show room facilities, including power, light, heat and   machinery;

- To engage in the operation, repair servicing, maintenance and overhauling of trucks, heavy   equipment and all types of motor vehicles;

- To engage in a general lumber business, to buy, cut, haul, sell and deal in timber logs; and to   operate sawmills, mini-sawmills, re-saws and other types of manufacturing plants for the   manufacture of all kinds of lumber and articles of all types in the manufacture of which lumber or   timber is used;

- To engage in the business of manufacturing hollow blocks, concrete or cement products for   construction and other purposes; to engage in the manufacturing of wooden cases, container   boards and crates for the packing of commodities;

- To engage in the business of exploration, development, processing and marketing of minerals that   may be found anywhere in the Philippines either by original acquisition, joint venture of operating   agreements with the other holders of existing mining rights;

- To engage in the business of operating a restaurant/resort;

- To engage in such other ventures and endeavors as may be proper and in keeping with the nature   of the business of the company; and

- To do any acts and things relating thereto or connected there with, all to extent permitted by the   laws of the Philippines.

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